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Unreasonable Fridays

Jun 23, 2023

Bacon, Aaron and game designer RD Ash about what business humans have deep underwater  and fighting game design, specifically the masterstroke of accessibility that is Street Fighter 6, shattering a barrier that should reshape the entire genre.

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Jun 16, 2023

Bacon, Aaron and Jeffrey Rousseau talk having a successful career in an industry that is more than willing to put you on the street, Final Fantasy 16's questionable narrative choices, and highlights from Summer Game Fest, including South of Midnight and the most important game of all time, Starfield.


Jun 2, 2023

Bacon, Justin, and Aaron talk corporate greed breaking things, from Redfall, to Warner Bros. Studios, to HBO, and Blizzard. The lessons from the media of our youth were not retained at all. 

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