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Unreasonable Fridays

Jan 27, 2019

Bacon and Aaron talk Assassin Creed: Odyssey and how NOT to create DLC, Ubisoft's attempting to roll back a major writing gaffe, Anthem's demo, and we revisit what our definition of "shooter".

Host: @ansfreeman
Host: @B4c0nzilla
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Jan 25, 2019

The Doctors finish their discussion of opiates from Episode 6 with some reasonable alternatives to opiates they've suggested, talk about the omniscient power of residents in hospital televisions shows, and go through their Weekly Wins and Losses.

Host: @Dr_MargaretteMD

Jan 25, 2019

N'Jaila and Aaron talk our Kink of the Week - Agrexophilia - sexual arousal from the knowledge that other people may become aware of your lovemaking, Digital Brandon Urie ruining Digital N'Jaila's digital family in the Sims, and CES revoking an award for a sex toy because the creator is a woman.


Jan 22, 2019

Unreasonable Fridays? Not QUITE ready yet.

Almost. So here is a snippet from our last production meeting while we wait.

"Menocore" is a fashion craze where young, wealthy white women dress like old, wealthy white women for kicks.

Dacia is not amused.

Host: Aaron Rand Freeman
Host: Dacia Mitchell
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Jan 18, 2019

We talk the Kink of the Week: Candaulism - the fetish of watching sex from a closet, Cardi B's Twerk video, the whitest response to said video, and a few words about Kamala Harris.

Host: @blasianbytch
Co-Host: @ansfreeman