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Unreasonable Fridays

Mar 24, 2019

N'Jaila and Aaron return to talk about where they've been, Shane Dawson assaulting a cat, and how difficult it is for cisgendered men to avoid ruining potential sex.

Host: @blasianbytch
Co-Host: @ansfreeman

Mar 23, 2019

The Doctors return! Hear all about Dr. Shegog's Brand New Baby Z! They also discuss why even Black physicians are at risk during childbirth and how that must change.

Host: @Dr_MargaretteMD
Host: @DrMoesBest

Mar 10, 2019

Dacia and Aaron talk Robert Kelly's interview with Gayle King, how we find humor in our violence and whether the memes are worth it, David Brooks and his surprising support of reparations, we also remind everyone mayonnaise is a bonding agent and nothing more.

Host: @ansfreeman
Host: @daciatakesnote
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Mar 9, 2019

Dacia and Aaron unpack the most disturbing Black History Month in recent memory, namely the horror show that was the Michael Cohen hearing and how white folks forget the definition of racism weekly. We also introduce "Black to Work", a segment observing corporate attempts at diversity and equity.*

*This show was...

Mar 4, 2019

Bacon and Aaron welcome guest Cosmos Girl and Dani to talk Blizzard skipping over and around Black women, what representation means, and how much the details matter.

Host: @ansfreeman
Host: @B4c0nzilla
EXTRA HOST: @daniellemcvo
EXTRA EXTRA HOST: @cosmosgirl87
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