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Unreasonable Fridays

May 25, 2018

Mr. Spann of the Spann Report reads Shane Paul Neil's essay about life in his hometown and his first encounter with the NYPD.

Writer: Shane Paul Neil
Narrator: Antoine Spann

May 25, 2018


What is figging?

Who is Nat TurnHer?

Why does he speak?

Endless shade abound! 

Host: N'Jaila Rhee
Co-Host: Aaron Rand Freeman

May 19, 2018

That time medication Bacon and sleepy Aaron recorded a prep session while waiting to see Deadpool 2.

We talk Call of Duty, Microsoft's new revolutionary adaptive controller, Deadpool as an SJW hero, and miserable game reviewers.

This cannot fail.

Host: Aaron Rand Freeman
Host: Elise Bacon
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Theme Song: 

May 18, 2018

Yanny and Laurel spend some time contemplating the latest Russian bot that has us questioning our ability to hear words, jungle capers at Colonizer High School, 2018's best and worth hour of television, and BBQ Becky's fate worse than whatever seems to keep white folks up at night.

Host: Aaron Rand Freeman
Host: Dacia...

May 14, 2018

What are Black men blaming Black women for this week?

Why is Street Fighter trash?

Where are the people who remember Nicki Minaj has South Asian heritage?

Burning questions. We have answers.

Host: N'Jaila Rhee
Co-Host: Aaron Rand Freeman