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Unreasonable Fridays

Feb 12, 2018

Cuntcast has always been a show about lessons. Chocolate doesn't belong everywhere. Robots don't prevent sexual assault. Aziz Ansari is terrible. And today's lesson: Rimming can give you worms.

On a serious note we also discuss N'Jaila's recent unemployment and how you can help.

Host: N'Jaila Rhee
Co-Host: Aaron...

Feb 9, 2018

Work trainings are fun. So are sensitivity trainings. So are sensitivity trainings run by white folks. So a work sensitivity training run by white folks is the best. Obviously.

Dacia and Aaron also discuss the tea spilled by Quincy Jones, the lightest burritos in California history, AND the greatest chicken spot that...

Feb 2, 2018

January 2018 was horrendous. Car accidents. The superflu. Job loss. The United States government. Dacia and Aaron go through the worst of it. Namely the the SOTU, various responses to it, and why we needed Auntie Maxine to speak more than ever.

Also a white person attempts to bring an emotional support peacock onto a...

Jan 29, 2018

David Joyner, formerly the man in the Barney suit, is a tantric massage specialist and spiritual healer. He will put it in you for your spiritual health.

N'Jaila explains to Aaron the "husband stitch". Horror ensues.

Men are awful.

Host: N'Jaila Rhee
Co-Host: Aaron Rand Freeman

Jan 29, 2018

A whole boatload of games released on January 26th 2018. Bacon and Aaron are trying to stay afloat. Here are their stories.

Host: Aaron Rand Freeman
Host: Elise Bacon
I'm Leaving This Up: Buy Bacon Gifts
Theme Song: WILLIE EVANS...